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Blue Ridge Parkway Closes; Forcing A Last Minute Change Of Plans

Sarah and Ron booked their elopement about a month out. We’ve noticed this trend for couples who are interested in eloping. Instead of planing a year or six months in advance, elopements tend to be a month or two. Sarah was the sweetest person from the very beginning. I still remember pulling over in a GB Shoes parking lot to talk to Ron and Sarah the first time. They were such an easy couple to work with and trusted us with every part of their elopement.

The two had traveled from Atlanta, GA with three very close family members. I personally was so excited to meet Sarah that Darrell and I dropped her flowers off at their Airbnb the night before. After they welcomed us in we all really seemed to hit it off and we ended up staying longer than we expected. We walked back down to our car that night really looking forward to their elopement the next day.

I woke up the morning of November 2, 2019, checked for closures on the Blue Ridge Parkway and was shocked to see they had closed due to weather. I sat and brainstormed backup plans before I made the call to let Sarah know about the closure. Sarah and Ron were SUPER understanding about the closure and suggested we hold the ceremony at their Airbnb. Even though we were there the night before, I never fully saw the view from their cabin. Sarah went around the cabin and took photos of their view to send over to me. It was ABSOLUTELY perfect. We both knew that moment that was the place it was supposed to happen all along.

After we made the decision to proceed with their elopement at their cabin, everything else kind of fell into place. I reached out to our photographer and officiant to let them know of the change of plans last minute. Everyone was on board to make their experience as best as possible even with the change of location the very same day. Now it was just time for Sarah and Ron to get married!

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After Sarah and Ron shared a first look, it was a waiting game until they could officially say “I Do.” Our photographers prefer to shoot during sunrise or sunset. The lighting is a dream and often referred to as “golden hour.” If you plan to get married at a very high trafficked spot, sunrise is your best option. It helps decrease the number of people around and allows a very intimate ceremony.

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And just like that, through the closures and last minutes plans….Ron and Sarah were officially husband and wife!

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