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Grand Bohemian Elopement Turns Into A Boot Camp On The Blue Ridge Parkway

The title does not lie but you’ll have to continue reading to find out what that’s all about! We had the pleasure of planning Rachel & Steven’s micro wedding at the Grand Bohemian in Biltmore Village near downtown Asheville. We made a promise that they would be our first blog post and we are here to fulfill our promise.

Rachel and Steven’s micro wedding was one to remember for us here at Asheville Luxury Weddings Co. I’m sure I can speak for every one of us when I say the most touching moment of the whole day was when we saw Rachel had saved a seat for her father.

Rachel and Steven’s ceremony at The Grand Bohemian was filled with laughter and tears. Laughter for when Steven ended his vows with lyrics from a song you may know…” started from the bottom now we here.” Tears for when rings weren’t only exchanged between the two, but also Steven’s daughter.

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The fun did not stop there. When you book with Asheville Luxury Weddings Co. we offer you all-inclusive packages. That means now that Rachel and Steven were officially married, the party continued with their own private dinner accompanied by their guests in The Black Forrest Wine Room within The Red Stag Grill.

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We almost forgot, we also provide a wedding cake in all of our elopement packages!

Now to the part you’ve been waiting for. How did this beautiful elopement turn into a boot camp? First, we have to tell you how we went fromThe Grand Bohemian Hotel to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We spoke with Rachel before her elopement and she told us she wanted photos of her and Steven with mountain views. Unfortunately, The Grand Bohemian Hotel doesn’t have any views, so we had to come up with a plan. Our photographerElizabeth, scoped out the Blue Ridge Parkway the day before their elopement to find the most perfect spot. Elizabeth knew we only had about 15 minutes to leave The Grand Bohemian Hotel and drive to our location to not lose sunlight. With every overlook being 30 + minutes away, Elizabeth took a risk. She sent photos of this stretch of road with beautiful tress from top to bottom to Rachel. Rachel said, “you’re the expert, we’ll go with it.” It turned out being the absolute BEST spot. It screams “we just eloped!”

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And the part you’ve been waiting for if you’ve made it this far! Steven challenging his newly married wife to a push-up competition.

Don’t forget to watch their wedding video above!

Thank ya’ll so much for reading, until our next luxurious elopement

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