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A breathtaking elopement in Linville, NC that will make you rethink having a wedding!

Tanya and Josh reached out to us wanting a mountain backdrop ceremony for their upcoming elopement in November. Tanya’s first choice was Craggy Gardens near Asheville, NC. It’s one of our couple’s top choices when it comes to choosing a ceremony location in the mountains. Unfortunately, with Craggy Gardens only be accessible by the Blue Ridge Parkway, we needed a backup plan in case Winter decided to swoop in and close the parkway early. I sent Tanya and Josh a hike I had done in the past located near Linville Falls. It’s accessible during Winter months and has a view that is just absolutely beautiful, it’s called Hawksbill Mountain.

On the day of Josh and Tanya’s elopement, I woke up to see the Blue Ridge Parkway was still closed. Plan B was in action, Hawksbill Mountain here we come! After arriving at their home rental to snap a couple of getting ready photos, we started the 1.5 hr drive to Linville. Our photographer led the way with our officiant and couple following closely behind through the twisting roads all the way up the mountain. If you’ve never been to Hawksbill Mountain before you may suspect you’re going the wrong way multiple times throughout the drive. We suggest you have written instructions from Romanic Asheville and also download offline maps. You can fine offline downloadable maps on Google.

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This hike is short but don’t let them trick you. It’s a very steep climb to the top. The trail is very uneven. Unlike most trails we’ve hiked which are dirt, Hawksbill Mountain is basically climbing up a rocky mountain. With every step, you take you’ll find yourself on a rock. The very last couple of minutes of this hike is almost comparable to rock climbing. Make sure your hands are empty at this point so that you have two free hands to help you find your way up.

Tanya & Josh’s elopement has to be one of our favorites this year. We started Asheville Luxury Weddings Co. in search of couples who were looking for an adventurous elopement and we are so thrilled Tanya & Josh took us on one. Ditch your big wedding dreams and hike up a mountain with ALE! Experience a true adventure on your wedding day.

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